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AutoTrac is an assisted automated steering system that automatically steers the machine through the field. AutoTrac is one of the best guidance solutions in the market offering operators a hands-free solution.

John Deere designs machines to easily integrate with AutoTrac, resulting in the most comfortable operating experience in the market. Producers simply plug the display into the provided connection inside the cab and attach the receiver to the roof of the cab.

  • Integrated Steering Kit, AutoTrac Controller Kit, or AutoTrac Universal Display, options include GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) or 3 (GS3) Display
  • AutoTrac Activation
  • Generation 4 CommandCenter™ controls
  • CommandCenter AutoTrac Activation
  • StarFire™ 3000 Receiver
  • SF1, +/-23 cm (9 in.) for non-row crop applications
  • SF2, +/- 5 cm (2 in.) for row-crop applications
  • RTK, +/- 2.5 cm (1 in.) for applications demanding the highest level of accuracy and repeatability
  • AutoTrac is available for older and non-John Deere machines with AutoTrac controller and AutoTrac Universal.
  • Gain accuracy, up to +/- 2.5 cm (1 in.) pass to pass with a StarFire™ 3000 Receiver
  • Increase profitability and reduce overlap
  • Reduce operator fatigue and time spent in each field
  • Reduce soil compaction and passes
  • Use many tracking options for any field
  • Choose from a variety of steering system options