2-Piece Lance & Gun Assembly
This pressure washer features an easy, convenient 2-piece lance and gun assembly. The lance design is also extended for better accuracy in tall applications.

  • Easy-Access Inlet & Outlet Water Connections
    Both inlet (water coming into the pump) and outlet (water going from the pump to the gun) connections are easy to access for faster setup

  • Aluminum Pump Head
    Constructed from aluminum, the high pressure pump with stainless steel pistons is particularly resilient and durable.

  • Detergent Spray Set
    Detergent can be added to the spray jet to tackle stubborn dirt. Simply attach the detergent bottle to the spray lance.

  • Quick Release Coupling
    The quick release coupling prevents tangling of the high pressure hose, making it possible to use its full length. (similar t

  • Rotary Nozzle
    The rotary nozzle provides concentrated cleaning power with large area output. It has a powerful pencil jet in a rapidly rotating motion.

  • Fan-Jet Nozzle, Variable Pressure
    With the variablepressure fan jet nozzle, larger areas are cleaned quickly and effectively, with control over the pressure to suit different tasks.


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