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Harvesting Equipment

S Series Combines

No matter the harvest conditions or the operator, the S700 Series Combines automatically give you consistent grain quality. They match the best harvesting capabilities with smart technology to ensure that you have the best harvest possible - every year.

Corn Heads

Learn more about the features, specifications, and more for the Corn Head.

Draper Platforms

Keep the performance you expect in on-ground cutting while taking advantage of tailored new features to make harvesting crops like canola better than ever before. All with one head.

Auger Platforms

The 600 Series HydraFlex Platforms were designed to match the high capacity of the S-series Combines and equipped them with a range of performance boosting features.

cotton harvesting

Whether trying to beat a rain coming in, harvesting in tough conditions, or simply moving from one field to the next, the CS690 provides power on which operators can depend.